Actual Video Size: 7.47 GB

Compressed To: 689 MB

Actual Video Size: 7.44 GB

Compressed To: 527 MB

Actual Video Size: 7.81 GB

Compressed To: 585 MB

Our package will show you how to copy any DVD movie to blank CD or blank DVD.
We will even show you how to save your movies to your computer so there is no CD
burner even required!

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Once you finish the order form you will be taken to our secure download page
where you can download DVD Copy Pro.

NOTE: Your credit card will be billed $24.98 by "Clickbank/Keynetics"

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DVD Copy Pro is a 4.6 Megabyte .EXE File. It will take 2-5 minutes to download on fast internet connections, but may take up to 20 minutes to download on slow internet connections. DVD Copy Pro will work on any windows based computer.